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Our Destinations


Rang Yai Island 

Lipi Island

Khai Nai Island 

Naka Yai Island

Naka Noi Island

AO POR Grand Marina

Phae Island

Kluay  Island

Coconut Island

 Fun activities such as bicycle riding, canoeing, and golfing. The most popular activities for travelers would be visiting the pearl farm.

Beautiful nature and
fits for ones who
love privacy.


 A small island with beautiful nature on the sandy beach is a fine white sand beach throughout the north and west of the island.

Suitable for sunbathing.
And a small sandbar connected to a rock.
This area is a good
spot to snorkel
in shallow water.


Khai Nui Island used
to be full of coral fields, staghorn corals, tourists come to snorkel to see the fishes and corals


Bamboo Island,
Monkey Beach.
Get to see some beautiful
and friendly wildlife
up close such as sharks, monkeys, and fish!

Its harbor with a long
bridge stretches into the middle of the sea with separate lines to
facilitate tourists.


 A community
of fishermen
The island has clean and crystal clear waters suitable for water sports.


A private island that
is very beautiful.
It is located next to the north of Phuket. The whole island has an area of ​​over 80,000 square meters.


‘Koh Phae’ has a small secluded rocky beach where you can see colorful shells, crabs, and sea worms.


Kluay island
or Koh Kluay
is a small and
peaceful island
located nearby
Rang Yai island.


This island not only

has beautiful

white beaches

where you can swim,

but it also has a

pearl farm to visit.

Khai Nok Island 

Khai Nui Island 

Monkey Island

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